Trailer brake failure is not an option. That's why you need air assemblies that are resistant to the kinks and weathering that can reduce the ability of your brakes to do their job.


When it comes to your trailer connections, look for the full line of Alliance Truck Parts coiled and straight air assemblies. Each durable assembly is built to last with rugged materials and a design that helps ensure kink-free, leak-free operation.



Covering a wide range of applications, Alliance Truck Parts alternators meet or exceed OEM specifications and are rated for the higher temperatures found in the latest emissions compliant engines.

They are engineered of all-new parts for real durability and utilise a solid lead frame, creating a single, solid connection to all of the internal diodes as well as improving shock and vibration resistance.

Alliance alternators are available with pad mount or J180 mount options. Amperage ratings range from the compact 444 model’s 150 Amps, up to a full 210 Amp rating.



  • Compliant Standards:- ADR 38-03 (Australian Design Rule),ISO 7375 & ISO 7628.

  • Material:- Polyamide PA10.12 material. High UV resistance (>4000 hours of Accelerated Testing to ISO 4982-2), Engine Oil and Fuel resistant, High Abrasion and high pressure chemical cleaner resistance

  • Weight:- 50% Weight reduction of the conventional Type B Suzi Coils.

  • Unique Terminals & End Fittings:- Interference insertion of the "Barb" style End fitting into the Tubing along with the outer retaining Flexible Handle Sleeve makes the COILMASTER superior to all other brands of Suzi Coils. The terminals will resist kinking and tube surface wear due to this unique terminal retention design. See photos above.

  • Flexible Handle Sleeves:- Incorporated Handles provide a positive secure grip which eliminates wear and tear to the tubing when de coupling from the trailer.

  • Excellent Flexibility and Recoil memory.

  • Supercoil Anti Kink, Coilmaster Heavy Duty and Centurion Super UV Resistance suzi coils. See brochure for features, benefits and more information.



The Alliance batteries are engineered with cutting edge technology providing reliable assurance of its superior performance and convenience, across Maintenance Free and Low-maintenance batteries.

Our Maintenance Free batteries offer Superior starting power and reserve capacity for high performance vehicles. They come with a fully sealed cover design, which minimizes water electrolyte evaporation or leakage. Our EXG Technology (Calcium expanded plates) offers superior grid strength against corrosion and overcharging. And the greatest benefit which is Maintenance-Free = "No need to add water".

Our Low-Maintenance batteries offer high cranking and reserve capacity for heavy vehicle use. These batteries come Wet-charged and ready for installation. Our Accessible range also boasts EXG Technology for superior grid strength against corrosion and overcharging.

Exceptional durability in extreme conditions. Superior starting power & reserve capacity. Vibration Resistant.



  • Original unique product design

  • Used in harsh industries including transport, 4x4, marine trailer and Australian defence forces

  • Quality LEDs and associated components

  • Products manufactured to exceed ADR/ECE standards

  • IP67 dust and waterproof on all external automotive applications

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