AFX Grease 


Alliance AFX2 grease is a long life multipurpose grease that has been specially designed for HEAVY DUTY wheel bearing applications. It is suitable for a variety of automotive applications, including wheel bearing and general chassis lubrication. 

Alliance AFX2 is a lithium complex grease which has been formulated to provide improved oxidation, wear protection and corrosion resistance compared to conventional greases. See brochure for benefits.

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Help protect your vehicle, from dirt, grease, oil and water with these disposable floor mats and seat covers. Packaged in a roll of 250 for easy dispensing, these disposable seat covers are anti-static and come in very handy. 

With 250 disposable floor mats per pack, you can use them as placemats at home,  your parts counter and of course your vehicle. Simply tear off and use.  

The carry bags are very durable and consist of a die cut handle and a bottom gusset, which allows items to sit better in the bag. Whether it’s in your home, office or workshop, there are many uses for these carry bags. 

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An ergonomic one hand grease gun with a robust aluminium die-cast grease gun head, with a unique variable stroke for both high pressure and high volume applications.


Develops grease pressure up to 10,000 PSI and is complete with 300mm flexible outlet & pro 4 jaw coupler. 



The flow-thru poles are heavy duty and made from industrial quality lightweight aluminium. They are fitted with safety grips and Hi-Lo off valve aluminium tips for greater strength.

The brushes are made with soft/durable filament and come with soft, non-scratch durable fibres in a range of sizes. Ideal for Trucks, Buses, Caravans, Boats, Home.

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